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The Initiative Foundation

April 25, 2019

Category: Community Resources, Cambridge, Organizations, Regional Organizations


The Initiative Foundation exists for one purpose, to improve the quality of life in central Minnesota. At the core of our work is the belief that local people possess the talent, passion and ability to achieve a brighter future. Our programs and investments strive to give every person an opportunity to contribute to a shared vision and plan of action that strengthens community character and relationships.

Because quality of life is determined by many factors, and each community has its own assets and challenges, we intentionally pursue a broad spectrum of focus areas. We believe the following elements represent the most effective use of our resources to achieve long-term results:

Leadership Training - Build the skills and confidence of established and emerging servant leaders as they guide their community or organization toward a shared vision and plan of action.

Financial Investments - Nonprofit grants and business investments that advance the shared vision and plan, foster relationships, inspire volunteerism and generate local financial support.

Staff Assistance - Provide ongoing support, encouragement and expert consulting to leaders and volunteers as they implement their shared vision and plan.

Resource Referral - Connect leaders and volunteers to other sources of assistance and funding.