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Minneapolis/St. Paul Star Tribune

February 20, 2019

Category: Media Resources, Cambridge


For years, Minnesotans have known the Star Tribune as their newspaper, but today our name stands for much more. By sharing ideas, forging links between people and providing local context for events, we stimulate thought and discussion about issues that are important to our community and to the lives of our readers.

Our company has a unique purpose. We are a trusted, dependable source of reliable news coverage, extensive consumer information and independent editorial commentary. We believe our newspaper and website should be at the heart of the community, dedicated to public service and fulfilling First Amendment responsibilities entrusted to us by the United States Constitution. This amendment is the foundation of this nation’s basic freedoms, allowing people to freely communicate without government restriction.

The Star Tribune also is a part of this community, sharing in its successes and its struggles, and working to support and strengthen organizations that enrich our community.