Highly Competitive Workforce

Cambridge supports a well educated, hard-working workforce. Almost 80 percent of the workforce has at least a high school degree. Over a third has attended college or graduate school. High school graduation rates top 92 percent -- well above the national average.

Stable Employment Concentrated in Four Industries

Employers appreciate Cambridge's stable, committed workforce -- which includes employees from 14 counties.

Employment is concentrated in four industries:

  • Manufacturing
  • Retail trade
  • Education & health services
  • Construction

Competitive Wages »
The average/median wage in manufacturing ranked 34 percent lower than the seven-county Twin Cities in 2007.

"Cambridge has a terrific talent pool upon which to draw experienced, hard-working employees. I am very pleased with the quality and dedication of the people who work at our local businesses."

— Kim Erickson, President
Cambridge State Bank