Professional Services

The Cambridge, Minnesota area has a variety of professional services contractors or consultants to provide technical and unique services whose occupation is the rendering of those related services.

Examples of professional services contracts include those of: accountants, appraisers, architects, attorneys, brokerage firms, business consultants, business development managers, engineers, law firms, physicians, recruiters, real estate brokers and web designers. Individuals holding professional licenses and provide services are considered professional and the contract may run to partnerships, firms, or corporations as well as to individuals.

Regional Center Ideal for Growing Businesses-Cambridge is ideally located 45 miles straight north of downtown Minneapolis. This thriving regional center is a place of promise for companies ready to relocate or expand.

  • Manufacturers looking for high quality industrial parks with excellent services and a stable workforce.
  • Medical device firms wanting to tap the region’s growing workforce, biomedical training opportunities, and JOBZ benefits.
  • Distribution centers needing easy access to the Twin Cities, Duluth, St. Cloud and western Wisconsin without encountering metro area congestion.
  • Professional services and back office firms needing skilled labor, connectivity and a rapidly growing area.
  • Regional access to national and international locations.
  • Favorable cost of living.
  • Access to professional and managerial talent.
  • Strong local industry presence.
  • Available high energy workforce.
  • Available sites and buildings.
  • Extensive telecommunication infrastructure.